Tuesday, November 15, 2005


LOSING THE WAR ON TERROR... Does Anyone Remember Afghanistan?

Does anyone remember Afghanistan? That was the country that hosted Osama Bin Laden and had all the terrorist training camps which produced all those people who attacked us on September 11th. How is THAT war going?

world's largest producer of opium; cultivation of opium poppy reached unprecedented level of 206,700 hectares in 2004; counterdrug efforts largely unsuccessful; potential opium production of 4,950 metric tons; potential heroin production of 582 metric tons if all opium was processed; source of hashish; many narcotics-processing labs throughout the country; drug trade source of instability and some antigovernment groups profit from the trade; 80-90% of the heroin consumed in Europe comes from Afghan opium; vulnerable to narcotics money laundering through informal financial networks

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I guess we have 100% capitulated on The War on Drugs. Anyone remember when Republicans SAID they thought that was important?

CIA Factbook

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