Saturday, November 05, 2005


Now that we've got Al Qaeda licked, time to go after the BOOB criminals!!

If Topless, They'll Be Busted
Peace group's members are told to keep shirts on at Capitol or they might be deemed sex offenders.
By Evan Halper
Times Staff Writer
Published November 5, 2005

SACRAMENTO — Topless women holding a protest may be ho-hum in San Francisco, but at the state Capitol, police say such a display could corrupt children, prompt drivers to veer off the road and cause sex offenders to run amok.

The California Highway Patrol has warned members of an organization called Breasts Not Bombs that if they dare to take their shirts off during a protest scheduled at the Capitol on Monday, they will be arrested and possibly forced to register with the state as sex offenders.

A federal judge on Friday said the state has every right to arrest them.

All of this was a shock to the leaders of the Mendocino-based group, which, according to its website, uses public breast-baring as a "forum to speak about the vulnerability of humanity and the earth." Bay Area protests by Breasts Not Bombs have yet to trigger even a disorderly conduct charge....

Chicago Tribune

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