Friday, November 11, 2005


Osama Bin Laden Killed! Al Qaeda Disbands!! We Won!!!

VICTORY DAY!!! Mark your calendar: November 11, 2005 -- the day we won The War On Terror!! Remember where you were when you heard! Tell your children to remember this day in history!!!

I guess we won, since Traitor-Dick-Cheney ain't got nothing better to do than go huntin' then go immediately on.... to... MORE VACATION!!!!!!

Dick Cheney Wraps Up SD Hunting Trip
Vice President Dick Cheney left South Dakota Thursday after his annual pheasant hunting trip. He arrived at the Pierre airport in a 12-vehicle procession, waved to a small crowd as he entered the plane and took off about 12:45 this afternoon.

It is the fifth year Cheney has gone pheasant hunting in South Dakota as vice president. He arrived Monday and stayed at a private hunting lodge near Gettysburg.

These draft-dodger-warmongers can hardly surprise me any more!

I wonder if real, actual soldiers fighting in Iraq can just go off on vacation whenever they want... what do you think??
He has to keep up with his subordinate, the Draft-Dodger-in-Chief, who apparently thinks that it's OK to take month-long vacations 'cause there's nothing better to do. Just like he did when his staff were trying to present him with the "Osama Determined to Attack Again" memo in August of 2001 and like he did this last August since the economy is doing so well, New Orleans is all better, the peace ond order reign in Iraq, etc., etc..

At least he's not stupid enough to go to Texas in August.
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