Thursday, November 17, 2005



Lawmaker jailed, ends case on 2 DUIs

State Rep. David Graves swapped his trademark pinstriped suit for a blue jailhouse jumpsuit Tuesday after closing the case on his two DUIs in Cobb County.

Graves (R-Macon) gained national attention this fall when he tried to invoke a centuries-old provision granting legislators limited immunity from arrest to avoid prosecution on a DUI last February. He later abandoned that defense, and, on Tuesday, stopped fighting the charges.

Graves, 47, a nine-year legislative veteran and one-time House committee chairman, pleaded guilty to the second DUI Tuesday, after a judge found him guilty earlier this month of a previous drunken driving charge he received in 2004.

Graves was then sentenced by Cobb State Court Judge Irma Glover to serve 10 days in the county jail, followed by 20 days of home confinement and 12 months on probation. He also was ordered to pay a $1,600 fine, perform 280 hours of community service and surrender his driver's license for 12 months, Cobb County Solicitor Barry Morgan said.

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